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May 03, 2011


David Ulevitch

Why? They aren't analogs. You should do both.

Hamish MacEwan

Replacing my filtered, persistent and personally controlled email inbox with the ephemeral Twitter for the notification of events of individual importance is regrettable.

As David noted, they're not fungible, nor exclusive, so why not both?

Writer Foods To Avoid With Gout

Twitter have more function, when you using Twitter, it does not matter if you don't want using feedburner anymore because Twitter more better than Feedburner

Jason Franklin

I refuse to get Twitter so I guess this is farewell Andy....

Private Primary School London

Twitter is a better choice for email notifications.

Austin Movers

I agree, moving to twitter is a better move. It has better notifications hands down.

Lymph Treatment

Twitter is the best when it comes to Email notifications.

Pregnancy Termination

Great choice. I am glad you chose twitter over the other social networks.

Medical Insurance

I love Twitter for this reason mainly, You will not regret this choice.

Office Shelving Units

No doubt, twitter is a better choice.

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