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March 21, 2011




Please do us a favor and stop writing for publications like WSJ that hide your content behind a paywall. Whatever it is they pay your for your column, I'm sure you could easily get back by going direct to your readers.


Raising interest rates slows the economy. Unemployment is at 9% and underemployment at 16%; raising interest rates will make that worse. More people without jobs means more people who would love to be customers but are out of money, so sales would remain stagnent or go lower.

Crude oil is expensive, yes. But that's because production is constrained and instability in the Middle East is raising fears that production will be constrained even further, demand has been rising from places like China and India, and short term demand for refined oil products is inelastic.

Aaron Klein

Yannick, open Google and search for the headline of Andy's column. You'll be able to pick up the whole piece pretty quickly, if you don't find the WSJ worth $103 a year...

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To save the bank balance sheets and never cleared of toxic mortgage assets were Ben Bernanke near zero interest rate policy and programs of dollars in printing are an attempt to create a wealth effect.

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