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February 18, 2011


john kell


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Eat People reminds me more of a crime novel than a business book, but it’s also an insightful book that’s given me some new ideas about how the world of business can be divided into different kinds of profit-generation.


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they are always looking for something to do, hungry for some chemical reaction—like combustion.

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Mr. Kessler's heroes, he says, are the free radicals of the business world, "someone who not only creates wealth


Good share. you can compare free radials to our current financial meltdown.

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Human nature is the most poor: we all dream to have a wonderful rose garden, and not to appreciate our window open today in the rose.

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Once upon a time Borders increased my standard of living; now it's Amazon, shipping books to my front door. No more wasting gas and time while a girl with purple hair and a nose ring swipes my card and bags my books. For others, convenience is loading their ebooks electronically.

In the big picture, the Borders BK is a beautiful thing. As opposed to General Motors and AIG, there will be no government rescue. The fertile minds and energies of the creative class are always busy making our lives better knowing they won't be protected like government's sacred cows.

Andy Kessler has met and knows many of the creators who have shaped our lives for the better. Their successes were not guaranteed by government contracts or sweetheart deals, Kessler explains. "The cool thing about all of these folks is that no one did them any favors," Kessler writes in his new book

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