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January 03, 2011


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What is Tianhe-1A? Is it new technology? Or already been used in video games? By the way, you're right. There's no doubt that government acquisition programs have shaped our lives - from making our lives much simpler, to fun and exciting leisure such as video games and internet. Progress really has both positive and negative effect. And this one is a good effect.


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Euro-zone finance ministers plan to meet again this Sunday to address the Greek tragedy. But so far the only plan on the table is a doomed one by the French for the voluntary restructuring of sovereign Greek debt. Private buyers are increasingly skeptical of government guarantees and will demand real collateral. Credit default swap derivatives, which merely spread the risk, will no longer do. Some other sweetener will be needed. The solution? Bonds backed by real Greek assets.

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Les progrès technologiques sont en effet des effets positifs et négatifs. Cette fois-ci pour créer un supercalculateur Tianhe-1A est un très bon effet.

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