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December 07, 2010


t c phillips

Spectrum Scarcity is created by the gov't in order to charge access fees for, well, air. The bag guys always work to scarcity and the insecurity it engenders. Then they set up roadblocks like some AfPak toll collector.

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Technology has always advanced to solve any fleeting scarcity issues.

Scott Berry


Many (including David Reed, eloquently) make the argument it is the receiver that's the problem. We need more and more sophisticated receivers.

Think of the eye. It has no trouble discriminating among multiple signals of identical frequency simultaneously--it solves the "interference" problem.

As I like to say, the FCC auctioning spectrum to Verizon is sort of like the government selling Coca-Cola all rights to the color red in New York City.

P.S. Been a lotta years since Ultimate at Holmdel, eh?


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