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July 13, 2010


Richard Swift


Very interesting interviews. Am fascinated by your point about wealth only growing via productivity, and productivity being defined by basically getting more from fewer people. However what we now see in the Western world is a decline in living standards since the 1970's for the vast majority of the population, whilst a v small percentage of super rich people grow their wealth enormously. This can't be good, or sustainable. The decline in living standards is due to a rise in unemployment and reduction in real wages (i.e. after inflation), both due to "productivity". So where does this all end? What happens when companies are super-productive, but have no customers because we're all on welfare? I've heard the standard line of "we'll all get new jobs in the knowledge economy", but you must know this is crap. All our friends work in retail, IT, finance, medicine, construction etc. Who knows hundreds of people (outside of google) working as search engine optimization experts? Anyway, interested to hear your viewpoint...


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