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June 20, 2010


Scott Powell

Love the analogies (although the U.K./Goldman connection might be a stretch in terms of position of strength) but let's hope the "tanks" don't need to roll this time during Europe's pending financial / social upheaval.


Fantastic analogy, now you have to add Ireland?

Richards Lyon MD

Please read A PROCESS MIND just out on Amazon and Kindle, and then ask me about Bill Werich, the man who started the whole pace-maker thing, and lives here in Napa, hardly a millionaire, but happy. Dr. Dick

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Just be warned. You can bail out Wall Street banks and recapitalize their balance sheets and someday they can start lending again


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yes we can all expect things to go wrong any day now :(

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mais espérons que les "réservoirs" n'ont pas besoin de rouler cette fois au cours de l'Europe tourmente financière / sociale en cours.

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Banks rely on taxes to make a lot of money

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