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July 20, 2009


Grier Graham

Cronkite hailed from an era of innocence before Watergate and believed he was Dragnet's Sergeant Joe Friday ("Just the facts, please"). Cronkite always left commentary to Eric Severeid and the end of the show. He believed he could tell a straight, unbiased story and let people form their own opinions. Cronkite deemed Vietnam an important story and brought it into our living rooms so that we could form our own judgements. Cronkite gave Watergate prominent play on the news and catapulted it to the realm of important news. His signature sign off, "and that's the way it is," was a call to attention and implicit in that is that, if you don't like, change it. He never said, "and that's the way it has to be."

Jeff Eckles

Anything is possible. The pillars of mediocrity will crumble... are crumbling before our very eyes. In a way it's a blessing we don't have Uncle Walter's pacifying platitude to lure us into a bovine stupor. Before the new house can be built, the old one must be razed. In order to tear 'er down, you gotta make some dust, noise and mess. Let's roll up the shirt sleaves, grab our sledge hammers and get to work. She's not gonna fall on her own. Anything is possible.

Frank MacMillan

Amen, Andy. From your mouth to God's ear. (BTW, Walter declared the war over after Tet, the biggest victory of the war.) Also, those little microchips coincided with "Morning in America" - dramatically slashed taxes to incentivize growth, a growth which lasted almost without rest for over 20 years. We are where we are today, back to Walter's nanny state, because an uninformed American public confused choosing the next "American Idol" with voting for a new Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. it was a deeply unserious act by a celebrity besotted electorate. it will not happen again and we will return to our entrepreneurial high spirits, hopefully not too late.

Kevin Kauer

Excellent points, as ususal.

Jeff Gaus

Andy, you've nailed it. Cronkite was right out or "Farenhiet 451"; the talking head on the video wall telling us what to think. Journalists are supposed to challenge and expose, not lull us into a stupor.


Excellent points, as ususal.

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