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June 11, 2009


Philippe Coueignoux

Yes the issue with enforcing antipiracy laws is that the courtroom model does not scale well. The French Government has been working hard lately to find a solution with its so-called HADOPI law.

Its first version legalized automated justice and, if hadn't it been found unconstitutional, would have suspended pirates' Internet access by converting suspect IP's into real persons and back into dead IP's with the forced cooperation of Internet access providers, all without manual intervention.

Now its second version requires a real person to handle protestations but follows the expedited way in which driving violations are handled. A steep fall in productivity but, it is hoped, still fast enough to make an impression on the public.

Justice used to be represented as a blind lady with a foot on a tortoise. She is still blind but isn't she trying to step on a hare? Beware she might lose her balance alltogether.

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