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February 09, 2009



Andy: I've been trying to think of a comment on this one for a while now. My only comment is .... "no comment"! Love your insight. Steve

Mark Sigal

Now that you are big in Kracow, Minsk can't be far behind! :-)

Seriously, keep up the great work (p.s., I stole one of your quotes - attributed, of course - in my post below on economic crisis).

Getting Real: On Doomsday, the Demise of So-Called Experts and the New Arbitrage


Pan MADOFF jest bardoz chitry szlub, tak bardzo.


If you are correct, then it follows that there were entities that "collaborated" to initiate the bear raid since I doubt that one or two entities

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mais espérons que les "réservoirs" n'ont pas besoin de rouler cette fois au cours de l'Europe tourmente financière / sociale en cours.

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