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September 29, 2008



Even if the whole thing is necessary, I agree with the distrust of government to do anything with the money except enlarge the size of government. And while we have to get credit moving, I don't feel sorry for anyone, especially any bank officer, holding too many risky assets. Some of these entities are frauds under the law as it exists today; their management is in need of either a keeper or a cage every bit as much as Ken Lay.

I would suggest we try to make lemonade and at least use this market upheaval to make some radical and necessary entitlement reforms. I would like to see something like what Murray suggested in his recent book In Our Hands. It is the one where we eliminate all transfer payments in favor of a yearly grant to every US citizen over the age of 21. Murray goes through the details and makes a compelling argument I think on several points. It seems like a good idea to try to really overhaul the whole economic, entitlement engine while we're at it and while people are paying attention.

Bob Dobb

The Paulson Plan needed a better salesman. To have it permanently branded a bailout instead of a asset swap was a doomer.

Just look how the label of the GM/F "investment" bill that passed easily stuck solid, when clearly THAT was a bailout.

Please point out that every day, everywhere, people engage in asset swaps as daily life!

Bob Dobb

Knowing that nothing goes thru the legislative process with out becoming bacon laden. And with even people like Art Laffer now saying this is NOT good. It's a bailout, and tax increases will be forthcoming from all of this for as far as the eye can see...

Andy, what do you seen in all of this that EVERYONE else does not?

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