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May 06, 2008


Ranjit Mathoda

I agree Google isn't very open. However, Open doesn't always beat Closed:


the multibillion dollar investment in technology that it takes to be dominant in the cloud game is somewhat reminiscent of the Cold War space race, or rather of Star Wars. or is that not an apt analogy?


Nice to see you've gone back to writing interesting stuff that has some insight. Pretty severe departure there (especially with your little online car ad bit).

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i always love google

Ryan Lackey

Platform I see as two things: opening up system internals to internal developers to rapidly build out services (the "speed" that matters is rapidly iterating over the solution space, not a Filoean control of hardware buildout), and opening up a subset to outside developers (e.g. Facebook platform, previous true internet open standards)

(Btw, just finished Running Money; great book!)


jey, really good artiocle (ok, it needs an update, but it is good!)

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I agree Google isn't very open.

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They were trying to compete with Google on the search engine market. Now Google taking the game to Microsoft and Apple with programs and applications.


Their arguments are all about how technology (OS, we run where we store our data and data format) can be used to limit choice. But the same companies that you mention as possible monopoly situation are those who provide technologies to change the game we enjoy.

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