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January 24, 2008



Great piece!!

Haven't we always seen this play out in past boom and bust cycles, wall street retrench's and then they come up with the new new thing and the party continues? whether that's healthy or not is another question but I truly believe wall street will always find new and esoteric ways to create, slice and dice and sell financial products.


Wall Street is a fashion business. My first boss on the street had previously run a sweater factory in the garment district before migrating downtown. The desire for fashion never changes; complex lines are out, and now simple lines are in. And it WON'T be that way forever.

Whoever designs the most attractive dress/security makes the money.

Ronald Weber

you forgot to mention the ultimate banks-merger:

The Federal Reserve,Citi,Sachs,Morgan Bank & Cie.!


...and Andy's prediction came true this past weekend when JPM bought Bear for $2/share.

Tom Smith

My first boss on the street had previously run a sweater factory in the garment district before migrating downtown.

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Exactly as you said it. They are all out making mega bucks again and clean as a whistle. They are in the business of making money out of everyone, customers, governments and investors. Never bet against the banks in the long run.

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