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April 03, 2007


Frank MacMillan

Fascinating lead in as always but I have a dilemma. It's the only time I would consider paying for the NYT. Do they have a one month special?

No need for logins, just use bugmenot...

Frank MacMillan

(you 'da man!)fjm

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James Watt, a University of Glasgow flunky, studied latent heat and tinkered for years until he came up with a more efficient steam engine, selling off two-thirds of his future invention to venture capitalist Matthew Boulton in exchange for capital to fund his work. The whole thing was set up to make money. And make money it did. Watt’s steam engine was originally built to pump water out of flooded mines, replacing the horses that would walk around in circles running a manual pump. Boulton and Watt charged one-third of the annual costs of the horses. A few horses were out of a job, and a lot more miners were hired.

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Think of a world in which we all do each other’s laundry. We all get paid, but no wealth is created. Until you get the bright idea of hooking up an oxen to a wheel and invent the agitation cycle. Woo-hoo. All of a sudden you own the laundry concession. Someone else owns farming or omelette-making, etc. More work is done with fewer people. The economy grows and people, no longer washing clothes all day, see their standard of living rise. Wealth is created. Economists like big words like productivity (output per worker hour), but you get the idea – if there are no profits, there is no wealth, no cancer drugs, no microbreweries, no progress. Really.

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