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March 24, 2007



do you have mark zuckerg's contact information? particularily email address? if so please email them to me.


Same thing... Mark's email addy? Obliged

Roberta Pinckney-Newby

I have a a son who is a genius with coding , his only downfall is he is shy to the point of it is holding him back .I wanted to message Mark Z. to implore him to look at my son's talents and use them. I know this sounds crazy I am not I promise you.Please help if you can.

Lindsey Medina

Im interested in getting Marks emal how may I get it?


I'm from Melbourne and would like to get into contact with Mark about an idea. How would I find his email?


One of the Greenspan boys, Aaron, from Harvard actually has documented proof of a conversation he had in starting up an internet company with Mark from fall of 2003. Mark rejected it saying, "Not now!" because he had "other more powerful ideas" even though he had just soaked up Greenspan's HomeSystems idea. 5 months after that conversation, Facebook becomes a glorified means of communication and sweeps across the Ivy League campuses. So, you have pressing charges and then documented proof from Greenspan saying that it was originally his idea. As Steve Jobs of Apple Inc once said, "Good artists create; Great artists steal."

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Please may I have Mark's email address as well as Chris Hughes (the co-founder of Facebook)? Thanks

Temi Fagbenle

I need to get in contact with Mr. Zuckerberg asap! Facebook is messing me up. ive been trying to sign in for the past month and a bit but its saying that my email address is unregistered!! and the funny thing is that I'm still receiving notifications to that same email address! what is going on Mark?!! Please help me.


Hello pls do you have mark zukerberg's email;pls kindly email it to me at [email protected] you

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