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March 24, 2007



I wanted to clarify that Harvard did indeed have a paper-based book of student's photos, with their hometown and other personal information. Published by Harvard Yearbook Publications, it was called the Freshman Register, eventhough everyone on campus called it the Freshman Facebook. Allegedly, Zuckerberg was working with another Harvard startup,, on a similar idea, but left it to start No question that Zuckerberg had a better name, much better marketing strategy, and a better vision and understanding of the social networking site's full potential. I am curious what facebook's success will mean for other professional social networking sites (such as LinkedIn), and whether these other sites will start emulating the many innovative features facebook has been developing.

David H. Deans

FYI, David, there isn't much at LinkedIn that makes it "social." It's more like a directory of detailed professional profiles that can be searched.

You can use keywords to search for people, instead of searching for webpages. You can request an introduction, via your network connections, and that's what most people apparently use it for today.


Allegedly, Zuckerberg was working with another Harvard startup,, on a similar idea, but left it to start

What a fucking con artist!

John Romero IV

Quoting Zuckerberg from this article: "but really what I care about is giving people access to connect and the information they want as efficiently as possible" .. This is incredibly watered down from the truth. Facebook's second 'core principle' (as listed on their Privacy Policy) is "You should have access to the information others want to share." 'Others want to share' is the key. I want all sorts of information made available to me as effiently as possible, yes, but Zuckerberg has created a useless service allowing users to hide their private information from others. The whole point of Facebook was the sharing of this information.. It is becoming all too common for users to join the service and then preventing others from seeing their information.

Betty Waung

Do you know how many people are hurt by Facebook?

Dead 3.0

I think that Facebook has a good deal of inherent value. And they've been smart about slowly commercializing it and not alienating their loyal users (myself among them). Check out for more on my opinions and how much Facebook might be worth.

Aliona Dameron

Yesterday I learned another great use of Facebook. I found a wallet of some guy and, believe me or not, wanted to return it. I called his bank and the people there said they could not call him and leave him my number (????). All they could do is to cancel his credit card and wait till he calls them.
Oh well, he was a student and I figured he was most likely on the Facebook. I left a message and he called in 30 minutes!!!
I still do not understand bank policy though

rachel zimmer

do you have mark zuckerg's contact information? particularily email address? if so please email them to me.


close down facebook, only trouble in my opinion and many others

isaiah thomas

do you have mark's email address? pls email me [email protected]

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