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December 12, 2006


Andy Nardone

Thanks for a variant perspective, and from street level no less.


You are very famous in china now!
I admire you very much.

Joe Buhler

Excellent commentary. I noticed the same in Shanghai during a visit in September, my first after a quarter century! The facade has changed dramatically but behind the scenes and the further you go inland things are not as spiffy as most foreign media make us believe. Totally agree with your flashback to Japan. Except they never faced the same giant task of keeping a billion plus fed and clothed and not have a huge wealth gap open up with potentially catastrophic results.

By the way, send your comments to the paranoid Lou Dobbs who thinks bashing the Chinese would bring jobs back to the U.S.

Alex Tijerina

This article also need to be sent to New Congressional Speaker Nancy Polosi

China Law Blog

Your adolescent analogy reminds me of a post I did last month analogizing China to Yao Ming and concluding both are rising but neither are there yet. You can check out that post here: BTW -- The Chinese really hate it when Westerners analogize them to adolescents.

Ann Sherman

What a great piece. I hadn't heard that Chinese companies would have to start reporting based on international accounting standards. That should be quite an eye-opener, if it really happens!

I'm still somewhat shocked that outsiders were so anxious to buy shares in China's non-performing loans. Bringing new capital into the banks won't solve things unless the banks stop making new bad loans, which would require some major shifts in thinking and in procedures.

J. L. Pering

Insightful article. Please do a story on India too.. Is it all hype? how much of the growth is real?

Let's assume the Adolescent thing is not inappropriate.

No one is born to be grandma, or experienced driver. It takes time to grow and mature.

As a established player and joking and poking at new-comer at the game (not to forget the fundamentals of modern economics and finance do not origin from China), is well, not the nicest thing one would expect. How about being more open and strategic?

Don't forget what else adolescents have -- energy to burn and future to bet, good or bad awaits to be disclosed, you all have been there and should understand what I mean.

China miracle, or whatever you call it, don't believe, see it.

However, personally I highly respect and appreciate Mr. Kessler's devotion of his time and effort putting this piece together.

He should definitely be treated with the mouthwatering Beijing Duck. Yummy...


How's that virtual short on "the whole damn country" doing? Should you add more to your short "position" or should you bail?

If those buildings were over half empty, why the heck the office rent kept going up? Oh wait, according to Collins International, the supply of available office space is actually very tight. Collins International, you know, actually surveys office space demand and supply for a living. They are rather like stock analysts, i.e. Andy Kessler in Wall Street Meat, than the know-it-all author of The End of Medicine.

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