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October 13, 2006


Natalie Hodge

Hi Andy, I'm just hearing of your book about " Rebooting Doctors" Thank God I'm not a radiologist. I've utilized the vision of Bill Gates in "Business at the Speed of Thought" and am cultivating a young company that is rewriting the rules for my pediatrics profession. Our administrative support system for pediatricians embodies EACH of the five predictions Bill Crounse ( head of Healthcare Innovation for Microsoft) makes for the future of healthcare. I'd love to send you a copy of my book " The Personal Pediatrics Guide for the Progressive Parent" and get one of our affiliate Pediatricians going in a neighborhood near you!! Our system is a utopian little "Blue Ocean" in Healthcare in which the only one left out in the cold is our major insurers. Take a look at my blog and website Incidentally, we're making it happen with private angel funding and hope never to need Silicon Valley! ( I Hope) Warmest Regards,Dr. Hodge


Man, I am like 2 days on this site and have picked up on such an immense amount of thoughtful and useful info, I don't know where to begin!


My sense is that if you really want to boil things down to the absolute core....well, it's really about 24 hours...or rather 1440 minutes...1/3 of which are not really accessible (due to sleep!) That leaves 950 minutes per day per person.

Allow another 300 minutes for eating, bathroom, shower, commuting, family time (with significant other/others and daydreaming etc....and that leaves you with about 650 minutes per day

Did I mention work?

Time is the asset...attention is even more precious.

David Bofinger

Apple is a good example of your thesis. They produced the operating system, and a lot of the application software, and the hardware. And they found it hard to compete on price as a result. Their attempt to keep a foot in both camps (make computers but also allow clones) was a fiasco. Recent success has come from the horizontal model: iPod and iTunes. The shift to Intel isn't horizontal yet, but it's a launch pad for it.

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Man, I am like 2 days on this site and have picked up on such an immense amount of thoughtful and useful info, I don't know where to begin!

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