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July 03, 2006


David Ulevitch


Fantastic news. I've read your other books while flying the SFO NYC route and they've been some of the most enjoyable and interesting reads I've had in a while. Very Feynman-esque in writing style. Makes for a quick flight.


Matt Savarino

Congrats & Happy 4th!

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

I do not think you will get rid of patients or physicians, because stuff happens. All the rest of the stakeholders will become minor.

Take a look at my blog (Repairing the Healthcare System). I think you will get some good ideas and figure out some technological application. I know you will be able to relate to the factors leading to the dysfunction of the system, if you hung out with physicians for any significant time.


Repairing the Healthcare System

Henry Miller

Dear Andy,

I really enjoyed your other books and will probably read this one too.

One thing I would like to say though, if you are worried about your health look no further than your supermarket for help. You've heard this a 1000 times before but it's absolutely true, you are what you eat... and drink! It's really just that simple.

Diet coke cannot replace the benefits of a tall glass of water. Neither can raw healthy foods be replaced with a cheeseburger with all the fillings or vitamins.

You want to save your health and your family's? Vote for politicians who will help make the FDA a non-governmental, non-profit organization. In addition, vote for people who will not be seduced by the lobbyists that work for Big Pharm and the Medical industry.

Staying healthy is really so simple if you use common sense.

Here is a good place to find some common sense about health:

Yamil Fourzali

Andy Kessler

Dear Mr. Kessler, I am an IMG (International Medical Graduate) that is applying this year in the US for Radiology, with an interest in Nuclear Medicine. I just finished reading the end of medicine and I completely agree with you. In fact I talked about your book during my interviews, but many physicians looked at me skeptically when I tried to describe them your point of view (maybe I didn’t explained myself well). Many physicians here in the US, as in my home Country Colombia, don’t understand that markets are the ones that decide the prices for everything. Congratulations for doing a well analyzed description of the future in medicine even though you don’t have anything to do with it.

I would like to tell you 2 subjects you would probably be interested in.

1. The technological gap between 3rd world countries and the US has narrowed during the past years, and I don’t know if that is the reason that many people from the US travel abroad to do medical procedures that will cost them even 10 times less than in the US.

2. Maybe you would find interesting the amount of money an IMG spends getting certified and applying for a medical residency program here in the US. This, considering the amount of IMGs that try it.

Sincerely yours,


Philip Snyder

As a 4th year medical student and, formerly a lawyer, I am confident that Mr. Kessler is on a rabbit trail that will never pan out across the spectrum of diseases he suggests. His ideas sound wonderful, but he is missing a fundamental problem. Diagnostic tests inevitably incur false positives and false negatives, and to greatly simplify, as you improve on one, you amplify the other. So, for example, as whatever algorithm you want to concoct becomes better at predicting disease and reducing false negatives, the false positives will go up. People will be treated unnecessarily and that often is harmful. There's a word for that–iatrogenic. This is nothing new and well-known in medical research. Thus, silicon is hardly going to displace MDs. But, it may foster lots of unnecessary and iatrogenic care that will drive the cost of medicine far beyond where it already is today. In addition, it will provide new fodder for the med mal lawyers. Truly, medicine is an art and a science.


Yea, I am also looking to purchase this online.

Nikita Khlestov

could you upload this book somewhere for people from poor countries like me? pleeese!


Hmm..It's nice idea to upload this book online, might be on the any page of this blog and I am sure that It will bring more traffic to your blog. I think so.


Impressive work man. It really sounds good but would more effective so keep up the good work.

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