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January 31, 2006


john knight

I have always found the chinese o be reliable

john knight

The chinese have always bee gentlemen

Oh, not sure what would pop up when google Eggroll, hmmm, let me see,

Eggroll, 100% American Chinese food that is unheard of in mainland China.

Honestly, even McD or KFC has much larger penetration than eggroll, which is not available anywhere at restaurants in China.

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Whatever the merits of this article the bit about Jimmy Hendrix is silly twaddle.

fabiola sutton

Google must censored the porn industry and not to be universally accessible to everyone. The Chinese people is always close to my heart. There's always a time for everything, if this is Google's time, then let it be. Time will come that another search engine, aside from yahoo, and other big net media, will smash them all. It's cool, if it's comes from china, as long as it's available in universal language.

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I am agreed When there should be some kind of restriction on the porn over the internet, it's not good as it is freely available to each and everyone on the internet.

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Very soon , these search engines are going to throw them out of their indexes...


Well with the limitation of Google search results for the Chinese..they will sure not be left spotless..I mean the image of Google will suffer..but then again what could have they was either this or no Google for the Chinese..and anyway it's a too large market to ignore it...

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