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October 23, 2005


Lee Courtney

Yesterday an email from Bob Lash, who has done a great job trying to save Bracewell, showed up saying,

"I just received word that in spite of our best efforts, and in spite of an expected August 4th State hearing to rule on its historical status, Stanford began demolition of the five 60 foot dishes of the Bracewell Observatory today. A copy of Stanford's press announcement is attached."


Stanford has a lame press release on their web site.

BTW great 5-minute speed talk at Techdirt Greenhouse.

Mark Bracewell

Thanks Andy, for the post. The site spawned an amazing array of ideas as well as dishes, it lives on...

Pas Cher Moncler

Very, very nicely done!

Louboutin Stivali

Successivamente, a causa della rivoluzione francese e lentamente scomparve alla vista.

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