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January 25, 2005



I agree wholeheartedly. Everytime I enter a US post-office I shudder at the thought of the delays. I walked in to my local post office this week and was told I needed to make an appointment and come back another day for submitting my passport application - a task that takes 5 minutes and could have been done by the person who spent 3 minutes making my appointment.

I grew up in India where one can still 'public' (government owned) banks alongwith private banks (what you normally see in the US). Private banks don't have the long lines and wait-times that public banks do. Even though the fees are slightly higher, customers hate to go to public banks. So why do public banks survive? Because they have the government's blessing and because the govt grants them special privileges that the private banks don't enjoy.

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We look for this semiannual cycle of damaging question to keep on until the Post Office are ready to put resources into administration who will listen to the workforce, or until there is no more Post Office alternate to administer.

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It's been said that Americans will put up with anything - as long as it doesn't involve waiting in line. And as I wasted half a day mailing a gift this past holiday season, I asked myself why that sentiment doesn't apply to the US Postal Service.

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For years, the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan has said that the war will conclude when insurgents decide they’d rather rejoin Afghan society than continue fighting.

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Meanwhile, the USPS raked in a $3 billion profit in fiscal 2004 (untaxed) and plans to raise its rates, again, in 2006. The price hike is needed to cover the rising labor costs that make up a majority of their $65 billion in operating expenses.

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non solo migliora la stabilità delle suole, e può prevenire efficacemente la deformazione della suola, e riducono efficacemente la faccia dell'impatto delle piante dei piedi

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