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December 23, 2004



the problem is that the thinking work is going overseas now even faster than the sweat work (the exporting of which was complete some time ago).

your taxes? outsourced to indian accounting firms
your medical records? same
circuit design? china, india
biotech testing? india
architecture, strcutural engineering work? poland, other euro countries
financial analysis? all over asia

lets not even talk about software

in fact, we have to reimport the thinkers now. look at where grad students are from in science and engineering.

look at where new doctors are coming from.


simply the medicine that the usa wants the rest of the world to take, but as with all bullies, when it comes to taking it themselves, surprise surprise ... houston, we have a problem ...


The jobs arent disappearing overseas, there are more people making more stuff worldwide. I'm tired of hearing about how a single country is lossing out. Britain used to run the world trade in the 1800's but nobody would argue life was better for the average person then.


Let's see in a decade how the currently "high-profit-margin" jobs will be done outside the US by China and India. Intellectual property laws might not work adequately to feed the US when the rest of the world becomes more self-sufficient and does not need that much of American-specific goods.

What about the poor and the middle class in the US now? Do they own enough stocks to offset their potential and actual loss of jobs? Looking only at macroeconomic numbers and the stock markets is a bit heartless to these real people in my opinion.


Why do you own an iPod if you are so opposed to this?

Chinese Boy

Well, I don't want to talk about middle class or poor people in this country. Maybe you are rich and you never care about those guys. Today, I just want to talk about the United States.
Ok, as you said, if we could enjoy cheap products from China, why don't we do that? You said I’ll take that trade any day.
But, do you really believe this kind of trade can be lasted forever? If one day, Chinese or American has economic problem, you would see a huge disaster coming. Wake up guy. I know you got lots of benefits from China, but please remember it cannot be forever. Today, US people like sheep, enjoy sun shine and peace, when you get hungry, you just need to put your head down and eat grass. Chinese like a hungry wolf. They have to run run run and fight for a lunch. But who will win? Wolf of cause! A too comfortable life could destroy you and your country.
What's the real problem? The real problem is you need Chinese's sweat but they don't need your thinking. How much you sold in China about your thinking every year? So without Chinese, you will be "hungry". But without US, Chinese maybe live better.
A thinking job is related to education. So now China earns money from US. Yes, maybe just 4 dollars from IPOD. But it means saving. When they got 4 dollars, they never spent it on importing US's thinking. They put it into education and developing. So soon or later, they will be prepared to rob your thinking job. You can check the rising of expense in education and military of China every year. You will see a quick increment. And this is a real threaten.
I'm a Chinese. So I would like you to count how many Chinese students learning in your universities? You may see they are smart enough and working hard enough to defeat most of native students. So believe me, Chinese is not fool and stupid. They just need a chance. And you are giving them the chance in China.
So, please trust me, if you want to enjoy somebody's sweat, please make sure you can sell the same thinking to them. Otherwise, you will lose.
I told you these just because my family and job are in US. I’m sitting on your side. I don’t want US lose the competition and I hope we could found a way to keep our power for long time. My opinion is giving those smart people all of world more chance in US. Let them work for US not for our competitions. Force China buy more and more US “thinking”. Otherwise we have to stop buying anything from China. We need a balance trading. We sell thinking, they sell sweat. Not they sell sweat, we sell nothing.


"Trade deficits are just an economic construct"? you must be delusional from all that ipod listening. out of that $16b how much was from americans? you're robbing peter to pay paul, boy? tst, tst...and they let you write in the journal? it shows its journalistic level. have you heard of the $3.5 trilion credit created by the feds in '06 out of thin air? that's your wealth, boy.

"I checked my wallet and realized that I own dollars, including my bank account, house and stocks. Lowering them in value hurts every American"...remember nasdaq 2001? boy? that's your wealth

let'em eat ipods

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