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May 12, 2003


I want your house. Excuse me, did you say it costs $ 1 million - gosh ... why don't you split your house into shares of $ 10 each - so that I can have part of your house... What - you are telling me your house is not up for sale, coz you are the owner and and you don't want to sell it. Well I am the retail investor - I want part of your house now! How dare you refuse me ...

Jeff Jenkins

Warren Buffet made me rich. I paid $1200 for his B-class shares a few years ago and they now trade at $3500+. Find a new job - you're not a good analyst.

Jack Off

I guess if you can double the population forever. Everyone just needs to be more productive. Although it is hard to be productive when you are standing shoulder to shoulder.

Your replications may make you happy but what about the rest of us that have to deal with you and your nasty offsprings?


In 1990, Munger fired off a stinging letter to Fortune, claiming that a review of Paul and Anne Ehrlich's book, The Population Explosion, had missed the point. The book reviewer, said Munger, "argues that human welfare will continue to improve as a result of desirable population growth accompanied by even faster technological development. Alas, it is not so simple. In a finite world system, subject to the laws of physics, two variables (population and per capital welfare) can't both be maximized forever.


Hi Andy

I think you have small penis syndrome and should seek professional advice.

You should join the army. We could try the latest chemical weapons on you.

Or better still kill yourself so that you can stop stealing our oxygen.

Your a jealous looser

Get anything else interesting to say



You have twisted Mr.Buffetts position in many ways. You have taken him out of context and used his positions inappropriately. Typical media.

If you want to buy the company then buy the B shares. I doubt you have enough money to make any voting right meaningful anyways. Thats the point - if you had so much money to invest then you would buy the A shares and get the higher voting rights otherwise the rights of people buying the B shares are so small it does not matter. Even if they were 1 for 1 - it would make little difference relative to other owners rights. Youre argument is clueless and illogical.

I will not even waste my time expanding on your other issues - the fact you can not understand A and B share price differences with the associated voting rights means you probably can not analyze the companies you just bashed with any accuracy.

I would learn to respect people with more experience and proven track records rather than looking for flaws.


Well darn Andy, you just made yourself sound like a whiney 20 year old.
Maybe Mr. Buffet should just hand you over a share.
I don't think so, when I want something I just work a little harder. 72,000 is a night out on the town, walk in the park. Keep your shoe's on Andy, we wouldn't want you to stub your toe.
YOU, need "rich" mentality, not b*tch mentality.
1 more thing Andy, You're not even worthy to speak about Mr. Buffet and HIS money, when you can't even buy a

John Doe

This is by far the dumbest thing i have ever read. Holy crap how is this author a hedge fund manager. Embarrassing.


I work for Warren Buffett, he bought the company I work for 5 years ago, he has raped it, and beat down all managers to the point they can't keep any. Now it is the unions turn, he started with 27 take aways, all of which we have had for years, #1 was take the pensions, and #2 was double health care costs. He has succeeded in both, but we have held onto the other 25. He is a tyrant. And a lier. When asked publicly why he was taking empoyees pensions, he answered, we didn't take the pensions, the unions voted them away. Of course they did, it was give up the pension or lose your job. But we will get the last laugh! Trust me.

He applys for rate increases on his electrical holdings every year, pays his CEO a $22 million bonus, and then takes his employees pensions.


Where does a decent paralegal make $100k a year? My sister-in-law is an attorney, I have many friends who are attorneys and my girlfriend is a paralegal. None of them know any "decent" paralegals making $100k. Hell, my sis-in-law would love to find a job as a lawyer making 100k a year!

It really debases the rest of your "facts" because you seem woefully out of touch with economic reality.

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