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March 03, 2003


Ray Ozyjowski

Andy, I went back to get this article and forward again to my clients. I believe that we are at that point again, and the killer app is video. It's time for advanced TV's, and as component pricing comes down this year, the exponential explosion on ATV sales is on the horizon. After having declined by 30% in 2005, forecasts are for addl drop in 2006 of between 30-40%. At those price points, the boom will indeed boom. You know, last year I said that 10 yrs ago, in 1995, if anyone told you the consumer would pay $4000 for a tv, and one could buy a brand new DELL PC for $400, you would have told them they were nuts. HMMMM

Mulberry Bayswater Vesker

for å lette som vesker, store og ekstra store med lang skulderstropp kan slengt.

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