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September 30, 2011


Alexandra Waesche

Well said Mr.Kessler. Usually I read the Op-Ed pages and my blood pressure goes up because I wonder how educated people can be so short sighted and just plain stupid. It's nice too see that somebody really gets it. Hard work, some ingenuity, and a lot of sacrifice as well as the willingness to take a risk is what made these men successful. Why shouldn't they reap the benefits? If the government is going to take away the financial incentive to work hard and be successful where will the motivation to take the risk come from. I wholeheartedly agree with your point of view. Thank you for helping me to remember there are some people who understand the big picture and you are obviously one of them. Do you want to run for office?

Douglas Carpenter

Yes! Right on Mr. Kessler. I'm reading your book Running Money now. Great read! And I would venture that China, with all the brilliance of her people, will not invent anything noteworthy at all, until intellectual property rights are respected there. No incentive, no innovation. A dreadful self-inflicted punishment, to always follow, never to lead, suitable to the offense of IP theft.

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Yes, Wilson is a great man and we should follow him.


MR. wilson the man with the power, a great personality, hats of to u sir, you did a great job in your life time, may he rest in the piece....

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History has proven that the road to increased standards of living and wealth was built on productivity—doing more with less. It was the Industrial Revolution that got us out of the growing fields and into factories

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The story was really too good!

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I give, but those who collect it and spend it need to appreciate both where the money comes from in the first place and that they can never match the power of free enterprise to improve lives. Never.

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