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August 26, 2011



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Andrew "Easy" Anderson

When they first came out with the iPad my partner and I both saw it and said this is a game changer and it could sell over 30 million units. Another guy we were working with said it would never catch on. Needless to say we got rid of him soon after.

Apple and Steve truly are a wonder to behold, but they are vertical in a lot of ways and they need to get horizontal to sustain what they have going on.

That being said, Mr. Jobs has paved the way to show us that tech does not have to be ugly and that we can feel good about it.

Andrew Anderson
Free Radical and people eater.

skip hire

Well I guess I know a lot about it. I watched Silicon Valley as well.

monster beats studio

great interview - as a big fan of your books, I've read many of the stories you recount in this interview, but it is great to hear you tell them via video! Really enjoyed it. Thanks, Andy, and thanks Andrew for getting them out of you.

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